ASEDLMS Meter Test Set is released with several functional as well as user interface improvements as compared to its predecessor, i.e. SYN6500 Meter Explorer. Details of the improvements and fixes incorporated can be read from Release Notes. ASEDLMS Meter Test Set is now available as an upgrade for users with the older SYNC 6500 Meter Explorer.

New License Dongle

A major change introduced in ASEDLMS Meter Test Set is the change of USB License dongle. With this change, the old Meter Explorer USB dongle will not work for ASEDLMS Meter Test Set onwards. Those who are in valid AMC can fill the form and send us a request for License dongle upgrade.

How License Dongle Replacement works

Once we receive your license upgrade request, we would verify your request and initiate shipment of a new license dongle pre-loaded with 60 days temporary license along with an email with instructions to generate kill code. Once you receive the email, you need generate a kill code as per the instructions provided in email and send the kill code to

After we receive and verify your kill code, we will send you a new full license file which can be loaded on to the new license dongle.

Select AMC Status

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