This section contains Frequently Asked Questions regarding the ASE2000 Test Set. It is an accumulated collection of items that describe various problems and situations that have been encountered with the ASE2000 Test Set and the solutions to those problems. Click on the “FAQ” that best fits your situation to navigate to the full problem description and resolution.

Where can I obtain pricing information for the ASE2000 Test Set?
Please contact ASE sales for an up-to-date price list or to request a formal quotation. Call us at 408-364-0500 or fill out our contact form.
To obtain a formal quote, please specify the model (ASE2000-PCM-M, ASE2000-PCM-RS, or ASE2000-COM), quantity, list of required protocols, and shipment destination. For current test set owners, please include a list of currently licensed protocols.

How do I get technical support for the ASE2000 Test Set?
You should first check the FAQs and Knowledge Data Base for the ASE2000 product. Answers to the most commonly asked questions and problems encountered can be found in these on-line resources. If you can not find the answer or solution on-line, you can contact technical support by e-mail, telephone, and Fax. For a list of contact options, select the Support link from any ASE web page.

Will the ASE2000 Test Set run under Windows XP, Windows 7, 8 & 10?
Yes, the ASE2000 is supported on Windows XP/7/8/10 (32 and 64 bit). The ASE2000 application software is the same for all versions of Windows but the I/O driver for ASE BCOM-USB/ security dongle is different. Be sure to use the correct driver files for the particular device and Windows version. If you have any questions concerning ASE2000 software installation or I/O driver installation, contact ASE technical support.

How do I register my ASE2000 Test Set?
The easiest way to register is on-line through our web site using the registration form. Go to and select the link for Product Registration. Please provide all requested information. In order to establish a proper record of your purchase for warranty and technical support purposes, your test set purchase with list of licensed protocols and I/O board serial number(s) must be registered.

How do I obtain software updates for my ASE2000 software?
For ASE2000 version 1.34 and above, the test set software, when started, will automatically attempt to connect to a web site on the Internet and confirm if a newer version of the ASE2000 software is available. If a new version is available, a message will appear on the screen and the user will be given the option of downloading and installing the latest version of the ASE2000 software. If the user declines the update, no update will occur. The user will again be advised there is a newer version of the software available the next time the test set is started.

How do I determine which version of the ASE2000 software I am running?
The ASE2000 software version can be found by starting the ASE2000 program, select Help and About ASE2000. This will display the software version number. You will need this information when contacting ASE for technical support.

Does ASE provide protocol documentation for the protocol support I purchase?
In general, no. Due to copyright restrictions ASE is prohibited from distributing protocol specification documentation. The best option is to contact the RTU or IED manufacturer and request documentation for the specific protocol. Also, if it is a standards based protocol such as DNP 3, Modbus, or IEC, you can obtain documentation from the organization managing the protocol.

What does the message “ASE Hardware Not Installed” mean when I start the test set scanning or monitoring?
When the test set performs any I/O operation, it checks to make sure that at least one piece of ASE hardware is installed on the computer. The presence of ASE hardware (BCOM2 card, PCMCIA card, Sentinel Security Plug or BCOM-USB) is necessary to enable the ASE2000 software. If one of these is not installed, the correct driver is not installed or if there is a hardware problem with the card, the “ASE Hardware Not Installed” will be displayed. If you feel it is a hardware problem, contact ASE technical support.

How do I find out which protocols are supported on the ASE2000?
From our web site, select the Products links and then select the Supported Protocols link. The Supported Protocols page lists all the protocols supported across the entire ASE product line. For the ASE2000, only protocols shown with a support code “A” in the column labeled “Test Sets / ASE2000” are supported.

Does the ASE2000 test set support the IEC 61850 (UCA) or ICCP protocols?
No, ASE2000 does not support these protocols at this time. ASE has recently released ASE 61850 testing tool. Please see products page for details.

Does ASE have an Evaluation copy of the ASE2000 Test Set software?
Yes, there is an ASE2000 Trial Version of the standard ASE2000 program. You can download a copy by selecting the Download link on our web site and follow the navigation links from ASE2000 Communication Test Set Software, I/O Drivers & Documentation downloads to obtain the trial version. Instructions for downloading and installing and the required Protocol License Code and Password are contained in the document Trial Version Introduction.