Onsite Corporate Training Programs

ASE conducts two-day onsite corporate training programs on ASE2000 V2 Software and DNP3 Protocol. Our corporate training programs are focused on Utility & OEM technicians and engineers to update their skills and knowledge on ASE 2000 V2 Software and DNP3 Protocol that they use to solve problems in the field. The corporate training programs can be customised for customers who have unique or legacy protocols in their service territory and wants their technicians trained on them. The Corporate training is focused on giving basic understanding of DNP3 Protocol and important features of the ASE 2000 V2 features that helps the technicians.

DNP3 and ASE2000 V2 Communications TestSet Course

The ASE 2000 V2 Communication TestSet Course includes both introductory material and advanced techniques. Also presented is DNP3 protocol, the most widely used SCADA protocol in North America.

Covered in the DNP3 protocol section is an understanding of the structure of DNP3 messages, data types, common operations, and device compliance with the specification. The ASE2000 V2 Test Set is used to demonstrate DNP3 concepts.

Introduction to the ASE2000 V2 Test Set covers its operational modes: Exchange mode, where users may customise message structure and create command sequences and Task mode, where advanced configuration and operations may be easily performed. Master Simulation of RTU simulation or Monitoring communications between Master and remote devices are each explained and demonstrated for both serial and network protocols.

The advanced techniques section covers capturing and sharing communications data, modifying display options, definition of point database, RTU simulation of control operations, multiple RTU simulation, and diagnosing problems.

Optional material may include additional protocols such as Modbus, Conitel, or CDC.


IEC 61850 and ASE 61850 Communication TestSet Course

The ASE 61850 Communication TestSet Course includes both introductory material and advanced techniques. Also presented is the IEC 61850 basics. IEC 61850 is an international standard for Intra Substation Communications between devices and between field sensors and the IED’s. The standard expands its domain into Substation Engineering as well with the definition of a standards based Substation Configuration Language.

Introduction to ASE 61850 Suite covers basic and advanced features of ASE 61850, how to discover devices in the substation and monitor GOOSE messages and critical Reports. The course also covers the basics of ASE 61850 SCL Manager and ASE 61850 IED Smart Substation Configuration and Server tools.

Introduction to IEC 61850 covers the theoretical aspects of IEC 61850 that is needed by technicians to work with IEC 61850 capable substation equipment by reviewing the salient features of IEC 61850 and supplement it with demonstrations of IEC 61850 communications between clients and servers, IED-to-IED communications using GOOSE messages, the philosophy of inter-operable engineering and configuration using Substation Configuration Language.


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