Remote Device Access and Management

With IoT and digitalization the number of devices that are deployed and connected in the field has increased several fold. You are required to ensure that all the devices deployed are working correctly at all times and have the updated firmware and software to ensure continued operation and reduced cyber security risks.

Our remote device management services help you build your remote device management framework thereby reduce cost and time as well as help you scale.

Key features of the remote device management framework

  • Built on your preferred cloud platforms like Amazon, Google and Azure as well as our own platform
  • The platform will be built with scalability and security provided by the existing solutions and strengthened by our years of experience in protocol and system security for critical infrastructure
  • A superior configuration management system takes care of various versions of device files

Key offerings of the remote accessibility framework

  • Offers audit trail and user access control
  • Enables centralized monitoring of assets and communication health checks
  • Capable of generating integrated disturbance data retrieval and analysis of disturbance records from various substations
  • Provides redundancy support with advanced mirroring between geographically separated sites.