Remote Accessibility framework

Power grids operations are monitored and controlled by advanced devices installed in substations. These devices perform the critical tasks of ensuring smooth working of the grid by protecting, controlling, and maintaining the stability of the system. A Remote Accessibility Framework collects data and analyzes disturbance records providing crucial information to ensuring that these systems work efficiently and without disruptions.

Key features of the remote accessibility framework

  • The platform has advanced communication and routing capabilities for remote devices over communication links like serial, Ethernet, FO etc.
  • A superior configuration management system takes care of various versions of device files
  • The platform enables utilities to access and manage multi vendor supplied assets from a remote central location

Key offerings of the remote accessibility framework

  • Offers audit trail and user access control
  • Enables centralized monitoring of assets and communication health checks
  • Capable of generating integrated disturbance data retrieval and analysis of disturbance records from various substations
  • Provides redundancy support with advanced mirroring between geographically separated sites.