SCADA/DCS Enhancement package

The uptake of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and distributed control systems (DCS) as an industrial control systems solution is on the rise now. Considered crucial to enhancing operational efficiency through cost reduction and resource optimization, SCADA and DCS are key enablements expected by businesses.

We offer a SCADA/DCS enhancement package that promises a true value proposition for your business. SCADA gathers information from multiple points in the system and analyzes data in real time before presenting it to a central control room. Capable of monitoring and controlling huge amounts of information, SCADA minimizes human effort and time by collecting and analyzing data and presenting it in a simple and meaningful way.

DCS is an automated control system that controls operations through a distributed system. Unlike SCADA with it central control room, DCS has multiple computers in different sections to monitor and control operation to process and present relevant information to the operators.

Our package supports both SCADA and DCS enhancements.

The key features of the package are

  • Generic framework that can be customized to standard SCADA/DCS system
  • Use of standard protocol library for guaranteed conformance

The key offerings of our SCADA/DCS enhancement package include

  • Enablement of native communication capability for SCADA/DCS system
  • Life cycle management and updation of the delivered communication interfaces