SyncConnect is a embedded gateway software ideal for edge gateway vendors and system integrators to embed into their product/solution offering. It simplifies and accelerates the collection, aggregation and protocol conversion of field device data from many vendors. Field devices use a wide variety of standards-based and proprietary communication protocols that increase the time and complexity for product vendors to develop technology to convert data. Once the data has been collected, it should ideally be aggregated and analyzed in ways that facilitate decision making, and ultimately increase reliability and efficiency of the assets.


Equipment/Device Manufactures

Improve equipment/device reliability by pro-active maintenance

Optimize your support and maintenance cost using remote access and management

Enhance your equipment to leverage IoT opportunities

System Integrators

Reduce your integration cost with plug and communicate with any device using field proven protocol adaptors

Seamless sharing of data with multiple systems/ IoT platforms

Asset Owners

Centralized monitoring of your asset securely to ensure high ROI

Minimize equipment damage and reduce replacement cost

Lower overall cost of ownership for monitoring and maintenance


Data Collection

  • Real-time and historic data acquisition
  • Proven Interoperability with sensors, controllers, measurement devices and protection relays
  • A large library of protocol support for standard and legacy protocols



  • TLS 1.2 based communication security
  • Secure role-based access control using x.509 PKI standard


Data Processing

  • Real time streaming and data processing
  • User configurable data processing
  • Event handling, and time-based data
  • ML and AI integration



  • Large deployment, monitoring and management support
  • Scales with large number of devices and data
  • Scales with edge device resources
  • Containerized services


Data Storage

  • Store data periodically or on event basis
  • Time series database for optimal performance
  • Database management options



  • Remote configuration and settings
  • Over the air firmware and patches updates


Data Distribution

  • Amazon AWS
  • Azure
  • MQTT
  • OPC UA
  • Google Cloud



  • Deployable on your hardware and OS
  • Peer-to-peer data transfer capability
  • Choose best of bread hardware suitable for your application
  • Integrate with local/remote SCADA systems as well as cloud platforms


To meet the diverse and fast-growing demands of grid automation and intelligence, the SyncConnect solution supports a range of hardware platforms, thereby delivering a high level of scalability and operating system choices.

ODMs, OEMs, software developers, and systems integrators can accelerate time to market with the robust solution, which eases the integration and support for a broad range of SCADA protocols. Kalkitech also offers implementation services to port the SyncConnect software framework on vendor platform and to certify the platform.

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Certified Devices

AdvantechUNO 2271G

Quick Start Guide

How to install SyncConnect

How to install EasyConnect

How to License SyncConnect

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