SYNCConnect is embedded software ideal for edge gateway vendors to embed into their product offering. It simplifies and accelerates the collection, aggregation and protocol conversion of field device data from many vendors. Field devices use a wide variety of standards-based and proprietary communication protocols that increase the time and complexity for product vendors to develop technology to convert data. Once the data has been collected, it should ideally be aggregated and analyzed in ways that facilitate a utility’s decision making, and ultimately increase distribution grid reliability and efficiency.

Benefits of SYNCConnect

  • Asset Digitization: Easy and cost-effective solution for digitizing assets
  • Improves Business Operations and Asset Maintenance
  • Complex utility protocols: Reduces time and complexity of collecting field data
  • Accelerates Data Access for Edge Analytics: Collects data from any field device for edge analytics applications
  • Enhanced Security: Shields all downstream devices from Internet access; can sit between OT and IT network.
  • Secure Data Sharing: Enables data to be simultaneously shared with multiple systems – IoT platform, head ends
  • Local Monitoring: Collects and pushes data to internal database and makes it accessible for additional analytics

Diagram of embedded software for field devices

By acquiring and processing data at the grid edge, SYNCConnect is an IoT solution that reduces response time and by sending filtered data to the utility’s data center, improving reliability and efficiency while consuming less network bandwidth.

The SYNCConnect multiprotocol engine from Kalkitech simplifies the collection, aggregation, and conversion of field data, accelerating access to grid edge data from both legacy and IoT devices. SYNC Connect is based upon robust and field-proven technology that supports more than a 100-industry standard and vendor-specific protocols, including Modbus, DLMS, IEC 61850, DNP3, and IEC 60870 *. It supports many-to-many data conversions and normalizes the data into a common format, thus assuring it can be easily and securely accessed by other applications. It also features standards-based, layered security infrastructure that provides a layer of protection against cyberattacks.

Kalkitech works with ODM/OEM customers to test SYNCConnect and validate on the target hardware platform for certification.

  • Interoperability: Software stack is easily adaptable for vendor independent edge solutions
  • Device Drivers: Secure data collection and translation – licensable protocol drivers to collect and gather data from field equipment/devices, translates to different protocols for sending to multiple systems. Enables peer-to-peer data transfer between field devices.
  • Scalable framework with minimum latency
  • Remote Management: Powered by energy IoT platform for remote device access management
  • Remote updates and troubleshooting: Software updates and security patches can be deployed from a central location
  • Edge Application Management Framework: Easy and secure installation and configuration. Send configuration files and firmware updates directly to serial/ Ethernet devices over transparent tunnel
  • Network Monitoring: SNMP Manager and agent to connect with networking elements

Diagram of edge gateway hardware

SYNCConnect is embedded software for edge gateways for connecting and collecting end device data for analytics and monitoring. SYNCConnect is an installation package deployable on Kalkitech certified hardware with a standard Linux operating system. It has a built-in multi-protocol engine which can collect data telemetry from field devices and securely deliver it to external applications or a framework over APIs. SYNCConnect is vendor, device and protocol agnostic module which enables edge devices to connect and communicate with virtually any device, application and system seamlessly. It also features many-to-many protocol conversion capability to simplify the transfer of data from one protocol to another. It can host both master and slave type protocols and can host more than one instance of a protocol at a time.

* Contact us for list of licensed protocols

To meet the diverse and fast-growing demands of grid automation and intelligence, the SYNCConnect solution supports a range of hardware platforms, thereby delivering a high level of scalability and operating system choices.

ODMs, OEMs, software developers, and systems integrators can accelerate time to market with the robust solution, which eases the integration and support for a broad range of SCADA protocols. Kalkitech also offers implementation services to port the SYNCConnect software framework on vendor platform and to certify the platform.

Certified edge gateways

AdvantechUNO 2271G