BCOM-TSRV – ASE Terminal Server

Terminal Server

BCOM-TSRV product is a multi-channel Terminal Server with support for both bit and byte protocols. It is one of the few, if not the only, Terminal Server product that support legacy bit protocols such as Conitel, CDC, and others. With a host interface employing the industry standard TCP/IP Internet Protocol Suite, the BCOM-TSRV can be used with user application software on a wide range of operating systems including Windows, Unix/Linux, and derivatives.

The basic Terminal Server is a 16-channel unit in a 1U height, 19” rack-mount metal enclosure. Internal communication hardware includes two separate 8-port processor boards. A unit can be ordered fully equipped for sixteen channels, or partially equipped (one processor board) for eight channels. The unit is powered with 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

TserveFront1The front of the enclosure contains a power LED, operational LEDs for each of the two processor boards, and serial maintenance ports for each processor board. System configuration and status information is available through the serial maintenance ports or via network connections.

TserveackThe back of the enclosure contains two RJ-45 Ethernet ports, one for each eight-channel processor board, and sixteen RJ-45 RS-232 ports. The network ports include activity and 10/100 LED indicators. Each serial port includes transmit and receive data LEDs, and supports TxD, RxD, RTS, CTS, DCD, ground, and synchronous clock RS-232 signals.

For an eight-channel unit, unused network and serial ports are blocked by a metal plate. An eight-channel unit can be upgraded to sixteen channels simply by installing a second processor board.

Terminal Server software can also operate in ASE’s four-channel SPT4-NET product to provide a lower cost solution when four or fewer channels are required. The SPT4-NET unit is not rack mounted and has different power requirements than the BCOM-TSRV. Please contact ASE or check SPT4-NET details.

Software included with each unit or available from the ASE web site includes:

  • Terminal Server application software operational in the BCOM-TSRV hardware
  • Windows-based multi-channel test program for Terminal Server validation
  • Windows-based Terminal Server Explorer program for viewing online configuration data and communication statistics, and for maintenance
  • Sample host “C” code

Communication between the user host and ASE terminal server uses the standard TCP/IP Internet Protocol Suite with one connection per serial port. A special packet-based application layer supports line configuration, transmit, and receive data operations. Detailed documentation on this layer is available from the ASE web site.

ASE provides a “C” source code library to aid in interface development. This contains a set of procedures that can be used directly by user production code, or as a model to develop a custom interface. Detailed program documentation and technical support is also provided.

A Windows-based interface program, TSExplorer, provides real-time access to the Terminal Server for viewing configuration information, serial channel data, and communication statistics, and is used to facilitate field upgrades.

Area Feature Description
CommunicationSerialStandard BCOM-TSRV hardware is available in eight and sixteen channel configurations. Serial communication is RS-232 over eight-wire RS-45 connectors. Software can also operate in a four-channel configuration on ASE’s SPT4-NET hardware. Serial ports on that hardware are DB-9.
SpeedUp to 57,600 baud for byte and 4,800 baud for bit
NetworkTwo 100 Base-T Ethernet ports, one per eight channel set
MaintenanceOne serial diagnostic port per eight channels
SoftwareHost InterfaceTCP/IP. One connection per serial channel using a custom packet interface. Documentation and sample code provided
Serial communicationBit, byte, and HDLC, selectable by channel
Support UtilityWindows-based Terminal Server Explorer program to view real time configuration, communication, and statistic information, and to support field upgrades
HardwarePhysical19” rack mount, metal enclosure, 1U height. 1 5/8” high, 19” deep, 16 3/4” wide (19” with mounting flanges)
Power110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz – Max 20W
Temperature0o to 70o C operating, -20o to 70o C storage
Surge WithstandRS-232: ±10kV; Network: 2000V Vrms
Activity LEDsRS-232 transmit and receive data LEDs, one set per channel, Ethernet activity and 10/100 LEDs, Power indicators