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Test Jig for Smart Grid / Smart City Wireless / RF Communication Modules

Description :Modern smart meter projects demand integration of submodules providing Wired and wireless connectivity. This includes smart communication modules supporting various physical layers including RF/Wireless. It is important to have a test mechanism to ensure that the functionality of individual sub module is not affected during the manufacturing process. This demands for a production test jig to specifically test hardware functionality and interfaces meeting the specific quality limits. Manually testing individual products will be a challenge in case of large volume manufacturing. This webinar explains how Kalkitech can help OEMs in developing custom test jigs and achieve faster manufacturing cycles ensuring proper integration of components.

Remote management and data access of Solar PV Systems

Description :This webinar provides high-level insights on data acquisition mechanisms commonly adopted for centralized Solar PV system. We will have la ook at how kalki.io as a cloud software solution helps in acquiring data from various assets and devices deployed in the field and helps you in diagnose issues using vendor specific tools remotely. Commercial and industrial power producer can make use of platform to collect data as an aggregator system from multiple field location and share those data with utility SCADA systems on standard interfaces. You can also make use of collected data by building or integrating custom applications on top of the platform using standard interfaces provided. Let’s look at how kalki.io centralized software as a service reduces your capital investment without compromising on the regulatory compliances and data security.

Enabling digital transformation of legacy substation devices

Description :This webinar will give an overview how digital transformation of legacy substation equipments can be achieved using ASE’s SPT hardware and software products. SPT enables Serial to IP as well as Leased Line to IP network migration. The webinar covers topics including how legacy bit oriented device life can be extended by transforming legacy data into current day protocols like DNP3. SPT protocol translator supports 40+ legacy RTU protocols including bit and byte protocols and enable their conversion to DNP3, Modbus and IEC TCP/IP protocols. SPT is available as hardware gateways that support bit protocols, byte protocols and TCP/IP as well as a Software Gateway for Windows. SPTSRV supports enhanced security capabilities whereby all unwanted ports can be disabled and firmware and configuration update if required can be limited through serial ports alone. SPT is available with embedded windows and linux operating systems.

ASE61850 SCL Manager – Comparing Top-Down and Bottom-Up Engineering for IEC 61850 Substations

Description :IEC61850 Engineering process recommends and illustrates a top-down flow starting with a substation specification or SSD. However practical implementations on the ground in pilots as well as live stations sometimes employ a bottom-up approach. See how these two different approaches work and the salient similarities and differences between them using a proven third party SCT.

Secure and Scalable Remote Equipment / Device Access

Description :Remotely accessing your equipment or device, troubleshooting them or updating configuration or settings or firmware has always been a critical aspect of pro-active customer support and improving equipment life for equipment manufacturers and end customers. Security, ease of use and role based access control has always been an issue that plagued both customers and equipment manufacturers. Kalki.io remote device access application now brings these capabilities in a highly secure way to you. This webinar highlights the capabilities of the solution and security and role based access control is achieved.

Migration to IEC 61850 Edition 2 – Approaches and best practices

Description :This webinar details the key requirements in planning and executing IEC 61850 Edition 1 to Edition 2 Migration for your products and services. The presentation covers the major differences between Edition 1 and Edition 2 as well as the key functional areas of Edition 2 that a migration need to address. This session also covers the additional test cases that need to be implemented as well as the best practices to be followed.

Securing Your Medium Voltage Substations with Secure Gateways

Description :This webinar introduces participants to solutions for securing medium voltage substations. Provides insight on how NERC CIP / IEEE1686 guidelines and various security requirements as per IEC62351 are met. The Webinar introduces SYNC2000-M5 Secure gateway and uses this product as an example to explains how to secure substations. The topic covered include

  • Secured Device Access
  • Communication ports control
  • Encryption of communication link and data
  • Firmware and configuration update control
  • Authenticating device access (RBAC)
  • Logging of security alarms and events
ASE2000 RTU Test Set – Why you should upgrade from V1 to V2

Description : ASE 2000 Version 1 helped Substation Engineers and Technicians to troubleshoot problems from the day one it was introduced. As time move forward, technology changes, Operating system upgrades, Security requirements, legacy protocol knowledge gap etc. demanded more simplified User interface and easy troubleshooting methods. To meet market demand ASE came up with Version 2 of ASE 2000 which allows easier troubleshooting through a user friendly interface, with more monitoring features. During this webinar we will introduce some of those easy-to-use options to the audience and brief how it can help day-to-day testing and troubleshooting requirements of a Substation.

Cloud Head End System for DLMS COSEM Metering

Description : This webinar introduces the concept of Cloud based HES (Head End System) for DLMS COSEM metering for Energy Data Management, AMI, Smart Grid and Smart Cities. With the meter data being crucial for all energy analytics and integration with multiple applications and systems becomes critical, Cloud based HES provides a cost effective, secure and scalable alternative for meter data acquisition

Fault Analysis, Event extraction and predicting location of fault for a distribution network using SYNC2000

Description :This webinar provides insight on collecting fault records automatically from different feeder protection relays on distribution network, converting it to common COMTRADE format and doing fault analysis. This also highlight key feature of predicting location of fault for the distribution network within 5% accuracy which provided huge ROI for some of the utilities in Europe. Highlights are also given on how event extraction is possible from multi vendor relays and presenting it in common format to be analyzed along with the fault files.

IEC 62056 DLMS/COSEM Companion Specifications – Objectives, Merits & Implementation Challenges

Description : In this webinar we will cover some of the DLMS/COSEM companion specifications from across the globe and do a high level comparison and discuss some of the challenges meter manufacturers and Head End System developers commonly encounter when they deploy their existing DLMS products for a new companion specification. An overview of conformance assessment best practices followed by utilities and a short demonstration of some of the essential tools used for simulation and conformance testing of meters will be included.

Simplifying IEC 61850 Engineering & Troubleshooting

Description :In this webinar, we will discuss some of the typical challenges encountered by engineers in maintaining IEC 61850 substation devices and introduce software tools that can facilitate their problem resolution. We will demonstrate how problems can be analyzed using tools designed specifically for IEC 61850 environments that can help in engineering, troubleshooting and maintaining devices. Product demonstrations will include the Client Test Set and Server Test Set which are part of the ASE 61850 Suite.

Value of Centralized, Secure Disturbance Record Collection and Analytics

Description :Disturbance / Fault Records (DR) stored in numerical Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) provide relevant information associated with faults in the power system. But when it comes to analysing events using these records, more time is spent in collection of files rather than analysis due to the significant time and effort required to gather the data. In this webinar we are discussing Kalkitech solution for collecting fault records automatically from multiple vendor relays installed in various substations, process of converting the same to a common standard and sending the same to central server for fault analysis. Centralized configuration and version management of setting files of multiple vendor IEDs are also planned as part of discussions.

Utility Protocols in IoT Edge Gateways

Description : In a quest to improve operational efficiency and reliability, energy asset owners are investing in deploying asset health monitoring and analytics with machine learning and artificial intelligence at the field. This involves analysis of operational data gathered from existing controllers/terminal units as well as data from a new generation of smart sensors. This webinar presents a software gateway application which can be deployed on standard edge devices that enables integration of IoT edge devices and utility field devices (smart meters, protection relays, PLCs, transformer monitoring devices, grid sensors, etc.) that utilize common protocols such as DNP3, IEC 60870/61850, Modbus. The edge device software is scalable and applicable for general applications such as asset optimization for EV charging stations, roof top solar, power distribution stations, consumption analysis of industrial and commercial complexes, and much more.