ASE 61850 Suite Release Notes

ASE 61850 Suite Release Notes
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ASE 61850 SCLManager
Version 4.8.0

Feature Additions

Target schema based SCL export from 2003 – 1.4 till 2007 B3
Matrix for IEDs Logical nodes to Substation functions and IO between IEDs
Added configuration support for IEC 61850 90-5 R-GOOSE & R-SV


Configuration matching percentage display in IED Comparison
Meaningful warnings of service restrictions to easily locate the relevant service settings.
Optimized project saving time.
Evaluation license will permit all operations but restricted to 10 IEDs cumulatively within a workspace.

ASE 61850 IED Smart
2-May-2018 Version 2.2.1

Bug Fixes

Fixed the issue of trial license failure when other ASE applications are running along with ASE 61850 IED Smart
Fixed the issue of GOOSE messages being published with unknown source MAC-Address

ASE 61850 Client
Version 1.3.0

New Features

Support for IEC-61850 Ed 2.0 protocol

Feature to import SCL file into the application

Feature to add/remove dynamic datasets

Ability to respond to MMS Status requests


Option to change RptID of a particular report
Option to set the ResvTms value for a BRCB
Option to change dataset of a RCB
Option to write the EntryID feld of a RCB
Option to change the fle log size for the different ASE logging options
Option to select all scanned IEDs at once for initialization process

Bug Fixes

Fixed the issue of Report Control Blocks in an IED having same Report ID (not a null value) which was causing the application to receive and process only one of the Reports, if all the RCBs are enabled. Application will not allow to enable multiple reports with same RptID. Moreover, option to override the RptID has been added.
Fixed the issue of unexpected application crash if “Level-1” logs (under “Details” menu) was enabled or disabled, while the Point List tab was not visible.

ASE 61850 Client
Version 1.2.0
Build Code 22700


Option to Associate with an IED in case of connection failure
Feature to enable/disable “Resv” bit option for an un-buffered report from the Report View dialog box
Addition of dataset information for individual RCBs in the View Reports dialog box
Feature to enable/disable polling for the points already added to the point list
Addition of a separate logging tab for polling responses
Addition of update notifcation feature
Addition of IEC-61850 protocol compliant control operations
Feature to log point list changes into a fle
Feature to specify different OSI parameters for connection to the IEDs which do not use default OSI parameters
Improved GOOSE subscription performance

Bug Fixes

Fixed the issue of illegal time stamp format that could be specifed by the user in the user options dialog box
Fixed the issue of Device scan is not stopping as soon as the scan for all the available IPs in the network is completed

ASE 61850 SCL Manager
Version 4.7.1

Bug Fixes

Resolved the bug causing failure while adding Logical Nodes in Ed.1. IEDs.


Added option to add Client IED
Added service tracking in Ed.2 IED
Added option to clone Logical Devices

ASE 61850 Client
Version 1.1.0
Build Code 18031


Flexibility to hide/unhide columns in the Point List
User Option to define the time period for which a point row remains highlighted when point data is updated
User Option to set the highlight colors used when a new row is added to the point list as well as when a row in the point list is updated with new data
Addition of GOOSE and Report time stamp columns to the point list for better differentiation between the time of entry of a GOOSE or Report and the node time stamp
Increase in the number of tags supported from 32767 to 300000, which in turn will allow the ASE 61850 Client to initialize larger IED configuration
Optimization of Device Initialization process to reduce time taken for initializing large IEDs
Increase in the number of simultaneous connections to different IEDs from 4 to 255

Bug Fixes

Fixed the unwanted behavior issues when starting new instance (New) or the saved instance (Open)
Fixed updating report in the Point List Data Panel which is generated by a change in the time stamp value as well
Fixed the issues of unnecessarily updating dataset elements in the GOOSE dataset whose values have not been changed
Fixed updating quality value in the Point List if the incoming GOOSE dataset has quality tag as element
Fixed crashing of the application if it is initializing a device configured with null data set in the RCB

ASE 61850 Client
Version 1.0.1
Build Code 19555


Permanent licensing added

Bug Fixes

Corrected trial license request instructions
Updated license information display

ASE 61850 SCL Manager
Version 4.7.0

Release Notes


ASE 61850 IED Smart
Version 2.1.0

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