Data Acquisition system for DER Fleets

ASE provides data acquisition systems (DAS) for distributed energy resources (DERs), including solar PV systems, energy storage systems, and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations with DER Gateway and cloud based monitoring and control application. DER DAS application is a cloud-based SaaS software packaged with Edge device. DAS app is designed to provide real-time monitoring and analytics for DER systems, allowing users to optimize their performance and maximize their return on investment.

DAS solution can also be used for utility integration as per regulatory requirements such as per Rule 21 CSIP/ CSIP AUS/ DNP3.0/IEC104 directly from DER gateway or from cloud based aggregator as prefered. Being DAS cloud has capability act as DER aggregator, it can be used to integrate with market and ISO systems over standard interfaces like DNP3.0/ REST API/ CSV. Cloud can also share data with  IoT based analytics & data processing services from Azure / AWS.


The DAS system consists of hardware and software components that are designed to work together to provide comprehensive monitoring and analytics for DER systems. The hardware components include edge gateways with data logging function, sensors, and communication devices that are installed at the DER site, while the software components include a web-based platform for data visualization with add-on analytics.

The ASE DAS system is designed to work with a wide range of DER devices and communication protocols, including Modbus, DNP3, SunSpec, IEEE2030.5. This allows users to monitor and analyze data from multiple DER systems on a single platform, providing a comprehensive view of their performance and helping them to identify opportunities for optimization.

The edge gateway interconnected with Distributed Energy Resource (DER) site can also be used as customer owned telemetry (COT) to integrate with utility system, and DER Aggregators over IEEE 2030.5 (CSIP/CSIP-AUS), or DNP3 as per IEEE1547 standard or IEC104, OCPP. The edge gateway can communicate with the DER devices on site e.g., smart inverter or Energy Management System (EMS) using any of the communication interfaces defined in IEEE 1547-2018 (Modbus, DNP3 and IEEE 2030.5). Common Smart Inverter Profile (CSIP) certified IEEE 2030.5 aggregator client support in the gateway help utility to monitor and control any DER assets regardless of the communication capability supported by these assets, there by reduces overall interconnection costs.

Solution Architecture

Solution Components

Portfolio Monitoring

  • Configurable dashboard on cloud
  • Portfolio level visualization and management of PV, BESS, and Hybrid PV+BESS site
  • Standard and customized reporting
  • Availability and system performance monitoring

Site Monitoring

  • Asset Monitoring
  • Day wise Generation heatmap
  • Grid Connectivity monitoring
  • Daily generation chart
  • Weather monitoring
  • Performance comparison

Device Management

  • Monitor Gateway Health
  • Monitor IEEE2030.5 & DER End Device communication
  • Centralized management and configuration portal
  • Device-specific or fleet-wide dashboards & reports
  • Email notifications
  • Secure Role access to remote field devices

Integration Options

  • Utility Integration directly from gateway or from cloud aggregator
  • Data exchange wtih Retail /wholesale market application
  • Integration wtih ISO systems to maintain grid stability
  • Connectors to Azure /AWS services for data analysis (Azure IoT Hub/Azure Event Hub/Azure Service bus/ AWS IoT Core/ AWS Kinesis/ AWS S3)


Software Security

  • Manufacture specific dedicated PKI trust chain (called TC1) for signing artifacts like software & patches
  • Device management Private PKI Infrastructure for Role based access control for device management & maintenance
  • Rule 21 PKI Infrastructure approved by utility used for IEEE2030.5 connection

Hardware Security

  • Secure Boot & Hardened Linux *
  • Application Sandboxing *
  • Firewall & Access control
  • Firmware Signing & integrity check
  • TPM for secure boot and key storage *
*Product variant specific (see datasheet)

CSIP Compliance

Solution Components

DER Site

  • DER Edge Gateway
  • AC/DC Power supply
  • Cellular Modem/Router
  • Ethernet Switch
  • Revenue Grade Meter*
  • Weather Station*
  • Radio Base station/ Fiber optic link*
  • RS485 Isolator*
  • UPS*


  • DER Edge Gateway for device integration and data logging
  • DAS application for DER monitoring & management
  • CSIP/CSIP AUS/ DNP3.0/IEC104 at the edge gateway or cloud for utility integration
  • Data Hub Middleware to share data to Market/ ISO system
  • Data Hub Connectors to Azure /AWS services (Azure IoT Hub/Azure Event Hub/Azure Service bus/ AWS IoT Core/ AWS Kinesis/ AWS S3)*
  • Cellular Data plan*
  • Remote Engineering and Configuration of DAS system
* optional (available on request)  

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