Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Interconnection to Utility grid is becoming critical to distribution operations to ensure the safety and reliability of the electric grid, as renewable penetration in the grid increases and the grid becomes more bi-directional with consumers becoming both a consumer and generator of electricity. Residential Solar, Battery and Electric Vehicle penetration is increasing more and more as customers are adopting renewable energy technologies. ASE / Kalkitech products are designed to help customers integrate these resources seamlessly to the electric grid, by monitoring and controlling DER’s to ensure safety and reliability. ASE / Kalkitech’s Kalki.IO DER Aggregator Middleware and DER Telemetry products help DER customers, DER Developers and DER OEM’s certify their systems to be compliant to IEEE 1547 / UL 1741 SB or IEEE 2030.5 CSIP requirements and to deploy these solutions to integrate seamlessly with Utility DERMS / ADMS applications. With these products, our customers can easily interconnect with Utility ADMS / DERMS, build fleet level aggregators, deploy site telemetry units, and monitor and control their distributed energy resources in real-time, enabling them to maximize their energy usage, reduce the carbon footprint, and save on energy costs. Explore more to learn about our DER Telemetry and Interconnection solutions.

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