IEC 61850 Test set

IEC 61850 Test set

The ASE61850 IEC61850 Protocol Testset is a Windows-based application designed to meet all your IEC 61850 testing, troubleshooting, and compliance needs. With the look and feel and features similar to ASE 2000, ASE61850 enables technicians to easily troubleshoot any problems in an IEC 61850 Substation.

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Product Features

The ASE61850 Testset is a Windows tool that enables O&M (operations and maintenance) of IEC61850 Stations and IEDs with testing, monitoring, and control features. It can act as an IEC61850 Client and Server, supporting up to Ed 2.0 and Ed 2.1 features. It can scan networks or load engineering models, identify, connect, and discover IED data models, and monitor and control their states. It supports a rich feature set of IEC61850 services and models, including Reports, GOOSE, and Dynamic Datasets.

TestSet also now has an advanced Analyzer version that comes with external BNET Communication hardware that isolates the Test Laptop from the Substation Network and provides secure access to MMS, GOOSE, and Sampled Value traffic in the network.

Some of the advanced features include:

  • AI / Machine learning-based insights for assistance.
  • Capability to configure multiple IEDs for Testing, Simulation, and Monitoring
  • Real-Time RMS, Phasor diagram, and Waveform display options for Sampled Value Communication
  • Support of Multiple Network Ports
  • Quick switching between Client, Server, and Monitor modes
  • Single click inclusion/exclusion of IEDs while testing or troubleshooting
  • Support of other ACSI Services like File Transfer, Log Control Block, Setting Groups, etc.

Existing ASE61850 TestSet users can obtain these advanced features by adding the BNET Communication Hardware to their TestSet.

Easy Start – The ASE61850 Testset continues ASE’s philosophy of lightning-quick access to your test operations, as exemplified in the flagship ASE2000 Testset product. You can scan a network, discover and initialize IEDs, and be ready to monitor point data in as few as 3 clicks! At the same time, the tool provides powerful features under the hood for a more studied test environment setup – load models and data from SCL files, pick from Access Points, detect connection errors, correct or overwrite address parameters from the original SCL data view and modify reporting parameters and so on.

Monitor Data – The point list provides focused monitoring of data points of interest with color highlighting of value and quality changes, one-click history of selected point with chronology as well as the source of the data – whether read, reported, or arrived as a GOOSE. Monitored history records can be exported to the file.

Eliminate browsing long Trees of data – The tool organizes the most accessed data collections from your target IEDs conveniently at the IED level, eliminating the need to drill down through multiple levels of the IEC61850 hierarchy just to tag a point. The collections include all Datasets (configured as well as dynamically created), Reports, and GOOSE controls. Pick Points, Reports, and GOOSE directly from these collections to instantly set up monitoring and logging of your selections.

Quick Statistics and Analysis – Real-time updating counters for reads, reports, and GOOSE bring issues to your attention quickly, enabling you to go to the appropriate tab. All history logs, including Points, Reports, and GOOSE histories, support filtering and logging data for analysis. Activity logs are also similarly available.

Bulk Reports Wizard – A dedicated pane for handling multiple report control block parameterization provides options to view all report params together and setup values for RptIDs, trigger options, and all RCB options and then set and enable them in a click.

Control Wizard

Another dedicated screen provides full control features for all 4 control models supported in IEC61850. Users can opt to automate the SBO workflow with a single button click or perform individually – for example, for negative tests like operate timeout simulations. Return codes are displayed with interpreted values, including the AddCause values returned for Enhanced Security control models. All actions are logged for detailed analysis.

Analyzer & Monitor Mode

  • Passive monitoring of network communication without any participation.
  • Following User Interfaces are functional as in the Client Mode
    • Point Value Pane
    • Points, Report, GOOSE and Sampled Value panes for monitoring selected data
  • Report, GOOSE, Sampled Value and Verify Exchanges to monitor and validate communication traffic and IED behavior.
  • Support of non IEC61850 protocols like SNTP, SNMP etc.

BNET device Enables

  • Sampled Value Testing and Analysis features for Process Bus Network
  • Dedicated Network Ports for Station Bus and Process Bus
  • High-Performance Traffic Processing capability for Sample Value Communication


Configuration Details

Adding IEDs

Adding the IEDs you want to test is as easy as 1-2-3, with options for when you are online in the substation or offline at your desk.

1.  Scan Network – scans all connected network interfaces and IP addresses, and specifically identifies IEC61850 servers, not just any IP devices on the network
2.  Add IP Address – when you know the device you want to test, just enter its address and the Testset initializes and discovers the data-model
3.  Load SCD/CID/ICD… and all those other 3-letter acronym files. The IEC61850 TestSet stores a snapshot of every SCL file you use in its internal repository, enabling quick reinitialization on restarting, eliminating the need to search for your files.
No matter how you add the IED, just check the box next to it and see it initialize and appear in the devices tree in the Selected tab.

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User Options and Preferences

The tool provides a rich palette of setting options to customize the Look & Feel as well as the default behavior of the tool.

Point Data Monitoring

Adding points to the Points List tab can be performed at a click from anywhere in the data model. For your convenience, it is now possible to add them from the DataSets Collections organized under the IED Node, saving you the effort of browsing the trees to locate the data points. Point data in the Point List is scanned automatically at the frequency set in the User Options and additionally updates on new values in reports and GOOSE. Scanning can be turned off per-point (or for all points in the list) using a checkbox. This helps when narrowing down an issue that arrives via a specific source only. Point List updates are helpfully highlighted for a few seconds (durations and colors are again configurable in User Options). Clicking on any row in the Point List provides a chronologically ordered history of point value updates with selectable and sortable columns. The history can also be exported to a file.

Dynamic Datasets

ASE61850 TestSet also supports runtime creation and deletion of Datasets, both in persistent and non-persistent mode. Dynamic Datasets creation wizard can be launched from the Main Menu bar and cause a new Collection “Dynamic Datasets” to appear under the IED Node (if this is the first Dynamic Dataset in the project) populated with the newly created Dataset(s).

Diagnostic and Point Logging

The TestSet provides configurable logs for Diagnostics at the interface and IEC61850 activity level, as well as Point change logs saved to CSV files


ASE61850 Test Set Brochure

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ASE TestSet Evaluation License Guide

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