IEC 61850 Test Suite

IEC 61850 Test Suite

The ASE 61850 Suite is a toolset of Windows-based applications designed to meet all your IEC-61850 operations test, engineering, compliance, and management needs. The tools are ASE61850 TestSet, ASE61850 IEDSmart, and ASE61850 SCL Manager.

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A Windows tool that enables O&M (operations and maintenance) of IEC61850 Stations and IEDs with testing, monitoring, and control features. It can act as an IEC61850 Client and Server, supporting up to Ed2.0 features. It can scan networks or load engineering models, identify, connect, and discover IED data models, and monitor and control their states. It supports a rich feature set of IEC61850 services and models, including Reports, GOOSE, and Dynamic Datasets.

Key Features of Products

  • Discovery of IEC 61850 IEDs from the network
  • IEC 61850 Ed.2.0 SCL support
  • Acquire and Monitor data through configurable polls, IEC 61850 Report, and IEC 61850 GOOSE
  • Support of IEC 61850 Dynamic Datasets and Reports and Control Wizards
  • Highlighting recent data updates into the point list with filtering on configurable columns
  • View history of data changes for a variable and export them to file
  • Detailed logging of all transactions for analysis

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  • Simulation of standard IEC 61850-6 SCL files
  • Supports Logical Nodes and Common Data Classes of a substation, hydro, wind, and DER Models
  • Simulation of multiple IEDs on the same or multiple network adapters with full publish/subscribe actions between the simulated IEDs as well as external connected IEDs
  • Supports all IEC 61850 8-1 services
  • Data simulation with millisecond accuracy
  • Tree-based view of simulated nodes
  • Exceptional negative testing capabilities – choose to handle IED logic automatically (update control statuses, perform substitution, generate events..) or not to create negative outcomes
  • Full-featured scripting capability brings every data element in the loaded IEDs into a programming environment where you can script custom behavior


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  • Helps in the creation, import, and export of SCD/SSD/SED/ICD/IID SCL files with SLD Info
  • Enables the creation of architectures for substations, wind/hydropower plants, and distributed energy resources (DER), and the definition of complete system specifications
  • Links different Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and their logical functions to substation specifications
  • Supports IEC 61850 Ed. 1.0 and Ed. 2.0 and allows mapping of IEC 61850 signals from one IED to another

SCL manager example

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ASE61850 Suite Brochure

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ASE TestSet Evaluation License Guide

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