ASE2000 V2 Knowledge Base

The ASE2000 V2 Knowledge Base is an accumulated collection of items that describe various problems and situations that have been encountered with Version 2 of the ASE2000 Test Set and the solutions to those problems. Click on the “Details” that best fits your situation to navigate to the full problem description and resolution.

Some of these issue resolutions have been placed with a PDF files. If you browser has PDF support, the document will open within the browser; otherwise it will download as a PDF document to your PC. The free Adobe PDF reader is available at:

Knowledge Base
ASE2000 BCOM-USB Driver InstallationBCOM-USB Drivers Installing Removing and Repairing
CIP-010 R4 Requirements ASE2000 Transient Cyber AssetCIP-010 R4 Requirements ASE2000 Transient Cyber Asset
Modbus Alternate Numeric RepresentationsModbus Alternate Numeric Representations
Modbus ProtocolWriting Different Values in a “Write Multiple Register” Command
Modbus RTU ParityModbus RTU Parity
Monitoring Network ProtocolsMonitoring Network Protocols
RS-485 MonitoringRS-485 Monitoring
Exchange Mode Operations IEC 60870-5-103Exchange Mode Operations IEC 60870-5-103
Multiple Point Change GenerationGenerating Multiple Point Changes in Task Mode
Invalid Response in DNP CertificationInvalid Responses during DNP Certification
Secure Authentication Version5 Implementation NotesTest Set DNP3 Secure Authentication Version 5 Implementation Notes
SQL Installation IssuesCompact SQL 3.5 Installation Issues
Trial License Code ChangesTrial License Code Changes
ASE2000 Fails on StartupASE2000 V2 fails on startup
DNP3File Transfer procedures
DNP Certification procedures
DisplayWindows 7 DPI settings
Install ErrorMicrosoft SQL Server Compact Edition error
IEC 60870IEC 60870-5 Master Simulation Task Mode enhancements
Single and Double Command Qualifier Entry