IEEE 2030.5 DER Hardware & Software Gateway

DER Gateway series are SunSpec certified IEEE 2030.5 Gateways. The DER gateway is used to interconnect Distributed Energy Resource (DER) with
utility headend system, utility cloud or with DER Aggregators over IEEE 2030.5, DNP3 or IEC 104. Gateways can communicate with the DER devices
directly or to smart inverter control unit (SMCU) or Generation Facility management system with integrated SMCU using any of the communication
interfaces defined in IEEE 1547-2018 (SunSpec Modbus, DNP3 and Smart Energy profile 2/ IEEE 2030.5). Common Smart Inverter Profile (CSIP) certified
IEEE 2030.5 aggregator client support in the gateway help utility to monitor and control any DER locations regardless of the communication capability of
the field devices there by reduces overall interconnection costs.


  • SunSpec CSIP certified IEEE 2030.5 aggregator client used for utility integration
  • North bound integration options – IEEE 2030.5, DNP3.0, IEC60870-5-104
  • Field device integration supported over -Sunspec Modbus 100 series & 700 series, DNP3.0 Serial and TCP, IEC61850
  • Native connectors to Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure helps in collecting DER data for your applications hosted on cloud
  • OPC UA, MQTT, IEC60870, DLMS, SNMP protocols are available on request
  • Device is secured from the ground up including OS, kernel and applications software, user permissions, firewalls *
  • Packaged with fixed IP SIM Card with Monthly subscription for cellular Data *
  • Access to Management Portal, for Upgrade & Maintenance
  • Role-based remote maintenance & management by ASE Systems PKI infrastructure
  • Gateway only accepts firmware, patches and configurations signed by manufacture PKI
  • Provision to use, custom PKI for role-based remote management and maintenance access
  • Provision to use, custom PKI infrastructure approved by utility/regulator for establishing utility interconnection
  • Secured remote device access for field equipment maintenance and updates
  • NEMA 4 Enclosure for specific product variant (see datasheet)
  • Secure Boot & Hardened Linux available for specific product variant (see datasheet)
  • Enhanced Edge based programming using IEC 61131-3 is available on request*

Solution Diagram

Monitoring & Management

  • Centralized management and configuration portal
  • Monitor Gateway Healthiness
  • Monitor IEEE2030.5 & DER Device communication status
  • Device specific or fleet wide dashboards
  • Secure Role based Remote access of field devices

Gateway Options

Software Gateway *

  • Standard built for x86-64 architecture
  • Software for ARM/PPC based device on request
  • Supports multiple Linux distros
  • Recommended 500MB Storage and 1GB RAM
  • Validated on off the shelf hardware available in market
  • Available in debian, RPM and docker package

Hardware Gateway Options *

  • NEMA 4 Enclosure
  • Wide Range of AC and DC power input
  • Wide Temperature grade support
  • CE/FCC/ Sun spec Approved
  • 4G/ LTE modem
  • Security hardened
  • TPM for secure boot and key storage
  • Multiple Options with Ethernet & Serial Interface

Embedded Modules (For Smart Inverter Manufacturers)

  • Smart Inverter plugin modules with IEEE2030.5 /Sunspec
  • Minimal form factor fits in most of the smart inverter
  • Multiple hardware options with different peripheral combinations
  • Interfaced using TTL, GPIO, I2C, SPI, USB
  • Wide temperature grade
  • Operated with minimal power consumption
  • Development kit available for easy integration

CSIP Compliance

Product Variants

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