IEC61850 IOP 2021

ASE February 22, 2022

ASE participated in IEC61850 Interoperability Testing conducted by UCA

ASE61850 SCL Manager tool was used for IEC61850 top-down and bottom-up engineering during the IOP. Here are the highlights of functionalities covered as part of the IOP testing.

  • Substation Specification using Single Line Diagram
  • Substation Configuration using IED's ICD Files

    • Handling of multiple updates of ICD files from manufacturers

  • Generation of SCD File

    • SCD Files for Edition 2.1, 2.0 and Ed.1.0 devices

  • Import of IID files from manufacturers
  • Re-export of SCD File after incorporating changes from IID files.
  • How to Test IEDs and HMI using ASE61850 Test Set

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