ASE2000 V1 Release Notes

The ASE2000 Support Pages has added a specific section for Release notes. This list describes what has changed from one version to the next. Please note the table is organized from most recent release at the top, to the oldest on the bottom.

ASE2000 Version 1 Release Notes
ReleaseDetailsDate Released
Version 1.56
New FeaturesDNP3 LAN/WANAdded option to specify UTC or local time
USB Dongle SupportAdded support for USB Dongles with serial numbers U-3000 and higher, the ones used with ASE2000 Version 2
CorrectionsHarris 5000/6000Corrected problem that can occasionally occur on line monitoring start-up, when master/slave communication is already active
Version 1.52
New FeaturesSouthern ServicesAdded support for Setpoint command
BCOM-USB I/O DriverAdded a signed driver for operation under Windows 7 64-bit mode
File Locations under Windows 7Under Windows 7, user files are located in a user data area instead of the ASE2000 Program Files installation folder. Files created by operation of a previous ASE2000 version are copied from the old location to the new location on installation of release 1.52. Some files may not be accessible by an older ASE2000 version after 1.52 is installed.
CorrectionsIEC 870-5-101 and 104Corrected Count field in transmission of Directory Call command from 0 to 1
Telegyr 6500Corrected multi-point reporting
Valmet (Tejas) series V 2-byte RTUAdded LRC and CRC security options
Version 1.50
New FeaturesModbusAdded support for floating point values
Added options to modify the work orders and/or byte ordering for two-word register values (long and floating point)
IEC 870-5-104Added support in the Point values view by specifying RTU ID 0
DNP3Added ability to parse security messages in Monitor Mode
CorrectionsDNP3Corrected errors with UDP operation. This problem was introduced in 1.47 and did not exist in earlier releases.
Version 1.47
New FeaturesAllAdded support for a BCOM-USB device
CorrectionsAllCorrected error in line filtering. This version now supports the ability to display messages from/to a specific RTU only
IEC 101Corrected a problem with SBO sequences in balanced mode if the DIR bit is set in messages from the controlled to controlling station. In prior versions, the FCB bit would not change state between the select and execute steps. All other cases had, and still do, work OK.
In RTU simulation mode, differentiate a response to a Delay Measurement message based on cause of transmission being Activate or Spontaneous
Getac LPCorrected reporting ordering for DI points
Telegyr 6500Corrected interpretation of analog values
SES-92In RTU simulation mode, changed default return code for controls to indicate success
Version 1.46
New FeaturesDNP LAN/WANAllow use of ports other than 20000
DNPImproved exchange matching logic to consider exchanges that differ only by qualifier information
IEC 870-5-101 and 103 SlaveAdded option for Short Ack to replace No Data in response to Class 1 and Class 2 requests
IEC 870-5-104 MasterAllowed transmission of simulated point values in reverse direction
IEC 870-5-101/104 SlaveLimits number of points to those that can fit in one block
NetworkImproved network card device detection to support more network cards
Rockwell 5011Added “Group” to point values view
Binary and Generic AsyncAllowed editing of exchange properties
CorrectionsAmtrakImproved exchange matching to allow for certain tag word bits to be set
CDC Type 2Corrected parsing of responses with an odd number of analog points
Conitel 2025Corrected parsing of Time Update message
Conitel 2100HIncreased re sync period to 15 milliseconds (it was 15 bits)
DNP MasterCorrected problem with SBO relay commands where the outstation response used Data Link confirm services
Added parsing for re-transmitted Data Link frames
Getac 7020-LPCorrected processing of inter-word gaps
Getac 7024-BCH RTU SimCorrected responses coded with an odd number of analogs
Corrected abort when response to a CSEL contained a RENDX instead of just REND
IEC 870-5-101/104 and DNPDo not issue execute portion of a SBO sequence after negative response to select
IEC 870-5-104Respond to TESTFR command even if STARTDT was not previously issued
Indactic 33/41Corrected security calculation error for measurand requests sent in extended addressing mode
Line AnalyzerData collection used to trigger on a change in carrier signals. Added trigger on change in input data value, for use with constant carrier lines
PG&EAdded support for 13-bit analogs
Telegyr 6500Correct processing of responses with multiple pulse accumulator data blocks
Changed interpretation of pulse data from LSB to MSB
Added option to parse analog values with an inverted binary offset representation
TRW System 9 Version BCorrected processing of multi-block data responses
Version 1.44
New FeaturesCOM Port VersionAdded support for a USB dongle
CorrectionsIEC 870-5-101Improved processing confirmation of file ASDU types
Corrected parse of Directory response
SpaBusAdded exchange for “Read Output Data”
Raw Data DisplayIncreased size of raw data viewing area to accommodate larger data blocks such as used for file transfer
AmtrakCorrected processing of RR response for control actions
Version 1.43
New FeaturesAllIssue warning when a “master simulation” session is started that includes an enabled relay control operation. User must acknowledge before proceeding
ModbusWhen a holding register exchange is configured to request digital input data, the digital points are identified by bit positions 0 to 15 within each holding register address
CorrectionsAllImprove “stop on communication error” event processing. Prior releases may have stopped one message too late
IEC 870-5-101 and 104Change incorrect identification of ASDU Type 7 from unknown to Bit string
IEC 870-5-103Correct display of “Measurand 2” values in the Point Values view
Identify “Invalid” bit when set in a time field
Tejas 5Correct calculation of starting index for status points
TRW 9550Fix parsing of responses longer than eight blocks
Version 1.42
New FeaturesAmtrakAdd new protocol
DNP3Add capability to write multiple binary output points (object 10, variation 1)
DNP3 and IECIdentify messages with no matching entry in the exchange list as “Unknown Exchange”. In the past, no exchange name was shown
CorrectionsCDC Type 1Correct display of CRC byte for Scan responses
Conitel 2100HIn the point values view, differentiate points in Status Group 1 from those in Status Group 2
DNP3Correct RTU Simulation response to control output requests spanning more than one Data Link frame
IEC 870-5-101/104Process User Data [Confirm] response to control request in balanced/Master Simulation mode
SC 1801 version 6Correct processing of ‘L’ bit in SOE responses
SpaBusCorrect parsing of response messages
Version 1.41
New FeaturesDNP3Added support for BCD (object 101)
Added capability to send binary event with relative, un-synchronized, time
CorrectionsCapture FilesCorrected possible abort if a long capture file name was entered. Also corrects issue which occasionally required entering a full path for the file name (e.g., C:tempcapture.cpt instead of just capture.cpt)
DNP3Corrected data link and application confirm processing to binary input event messages with relative time (Object 2, variation 3)
Corrected occasional issue that would stop communication if a response was received from an DNP address other than as specified in the Exchange defaults menu
Corrects transmission of Octet String objects
IEC 870-5-103Response to a General Command (ASDU type 20) has been corrected to be a Time Tagged Message (ASDU Type 1)
Telegyr 6500Corrects display of RTU number in Point Values view
Telegyr 8979
  • Corrected processor utilization problem when “A” and “B” cables were interchanged.
  • Corrected processing of trip/close responses with exception blocks
Version 1.40
New FeaturesAllRemoved support for ISA-bus BCOM2 card under Windows 2000 and XP
Changed color of Point Values view to be more readable in sunlight
DNP3Recognizes Data Set Object Groups
IEC 870-5-103Added entry of Generic Command data set information for multiple data sets
Rockwell 5020New protocol
CorrectionsAllCorrected points values display for point indices 256 and greater
No longer required to un-check “Capture Enabled” option before viewing a capture file
Correctly capture file usage when name in a newly loaded configuration file is different from the default
IEC 870-5-101RTU Simulation Mode: Corrected balanced mode responses to general interrogation requests
IEC 870-5-103Master Simulation Mode: Corrected Generic Command transmission when no data sets are defined
IEC 870-5-104RTU Simulation mode: Corrected common address values contained in responses to control output sequences
Redac 70HCorrected parsing of 24-bit pulse accumulators
S/Comm 11.1Fixed CRC positioning for long messages
Telegyr 8979Corrected parsing of ADC responses with six points
Enhanced parsing of multiple block messages
Wisp+Corrected interpretation of Digital Report exchange
Version 1.39
New FeaturesDNP 3Adds support for 2-bit digital input points (objects 3 and 4)
Obtains Virtual Terminal data from an external file, allowing entry of non-printable characters
Adds ForceError option to prevent Nack response to Data Link Confirm messages received before a Reset Link
IEC 870-5-104 In Master Simulation mode, restarts message transmission sequencing whenever the controlled station reconnects. This allows STARTDT to be transmitted on the initial connection and each subsequent re connection.
Adds “Step Position with Date/Time” exchange
SPSAdd support for Southwestern Public Services protocol
CorrectionsCapture FilesCorrects read error for some large capture files
Conitel 2100HInverts point identification for pass select and analog scan responses
DNP3Corrects RTU Simulation-mode abort on reception of an Assign Class message
IEC 870-5-101 and IEC 870-5-104Corrects problem reading messages with fewer octets than expected
IEC 870-5-103Corrects cause of transmission code used in response to a General Command message
Network ProtocolsCorrects reading a protocol message arriving in multiple IP packets
Rockwell 501xIgnores state of unused bits in a data response header