ASE2000 Version 2.28 Release

ASE February 21, 2022

  • Cyclic simulation enable/disable option added in the exchange mode.
  • Automatic generation of event objects, based on changes in related exchanges for DNP3
  • Added support to run the software using command-line arguments and to exit the application after cyclic simulation of values. 
  • Added the Paste Special option for exchanges, enabling multiple copies by specifying a range of RTU IDs.
  • Added time interval-based simulation support for each data point group in exchange mode for RTU simulation.
  • Network License Support
  • Added support for SCADA Cut-Over testing
  • Added support of LUN address in RTU and Master Simulation in Exchange mode for PG&E Protocol
  • Added support of Analog Output Command under Exchange mode with LUN address support for PG&E Protocol
  • Added support for Control to Status value update feature and (loopback) for DNP3 and PG&E Protocol.
  • Fixed Task mode connect / disconnect failure.
  • Fixed Wireshark PCAP file loading and not responding issue

Download the evaluation version from here. ASE2000 Users with a current subscription and maintenance plan can update to this version for free.