ASE61850 SCL Manager Version 5.4.0 Release

ASE February 21, 2022

Jan 2022 -

  • Option to update IID or newer version of ICD file into the SCD Project
  • Option to quickly create, edit and view control blocks
  • Option to manage (add, edit and delete) Subnetworks
  • Visual indication to identify errors or address duplication in network addressing tabs
  • Sorting option in Network addressing tabs and alphabetical order of entries in drop downs
  • Drag-and-drop option to add data variables into dataset
  • Option to quickly create, edit and view signal mapping to remote IEDs using drag-and-drop and multi-select operations with or without Supervision Logical Node mappings
  • Improved the performance of SCL import by six times compared to the previous version.
  • Automatic update of LN tree based on changes in DA values, for example – ctlModel.
  • Downgrade option while exporting IED-specific SCL from a project.
  • Support for Network License
  • Import of single ICD option added to bulk ICD import window to simplify the ICD import process.
  • Option to instantiate multiple instances of IED during import.
  • Utility plugin for automated SCD generation, for Iberdrola.

Download the evaluation version from here. ASE61850 Users with a current subscription and maintenance plan can update to this version for free.