ASE61850 TestSet Version 1.9 Release Features

ASE February 21, 2022

Jan 2022 -

ASE61850 fall release extends ASE's commitment to Utility Technicians worldwide to hide protocol complexities and make Substation troubleshooting and maintenance testing easy, fast and user friendly. The feature highlights from our Version 1.9 are below:

  • Introducing Monitor Mode in Test Set for analysis of Substation Traffic
    • Monitoring of GOOSE, Report, and data points
    • You can listen and troubleshoot IEC 61850 network traffic without participating in communication
  • 64bit support - Utilizes PC resources effectively to test and monitor IEDs
  • Introducing Machine Learning based advanced insights
  • Switch between Client, Server, and Monitoring Modes easily with ZERO configuration.
  • ASE2000 Exchange mode is now available with ASE61850
    • Extended Exchanges in all modes of operation
    • Verification of Report and GOOSE functionality in Client and Monitor modes
    • Verification of specific data points and their values via Report, GOOSE
    • Automatic data simulation option in Server mode
  • Monitor data simulations based on specific triggers
  • User interface improvements for quick access of IED data

  • Option to Simulate IEDs with local network alias IP addresses. Automatic assignment of IP to IED if the local PC has the same IPs as specified in the SCL file.
  • Simulation of GOOSE in non-MMS IEDs without IP Addresses.
  • Saving of Exchange list and data points configured in each exchange, as part of the project.
  • Network License Support

The ASE61850 releases are available for download here.