ASEDLMS Meter Explorer Release Notes

ASEDLMS Meter Explorer Release Notes
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ASEDLMS Meter Explorer
Version 1.3.2


Added support for entering LLS secrets with size > 16 octets
Improved the accuracy of timestamp in traffic messages.
Removed OPC server.

Bug Fixes

“Export certificate” and “Remove certificate” method.
Structure size for IC 21 Attribute 3 Set request.
UTF8 string data type display.
Added HLS (2) key size validation in User Interface.
Handling transaction-id, originator system-title, recipient system-title date-time other information in General signing APDU.

ASEDLMS Meter Explorer
Version 1.3.1

Bug Fixes

Fixed the issue of “Push Analyzer” Pop up window not appearing
Fixed the issue of Error message box during Association edit

ASEDLMS Meter Explorer
Version 1.3.0

Feature Additions

Support for Asymmetric/PKI security suite(1)
Configure Static as well as Dynamic IP Address for Meter
Push Analyzer window to view Push message contents on real time and CSV file save option
Objectlist comparison feature to compare meter’s objectlist with a reference objectlist and show mismatches
Automatic resolution of event code to event name for IS15959 meters
Simplified configuration of IS15959 (Part1, Part2 and Part3) meters
Global watch window to group objects from different meters and watch values in a single window
Detailed Objectlist window showing OBIS code, Interface class, Interface class version, Attribute access right, Data type and Method access rights. Export to CSV option for Objectlist.
Firmware update Log viewer window to view log of Firmware update process on real time
Support for Selective access by range with restricting objects other than timestamp(allows for selecting buffer based on any of the capture object)
Support for manufacturer specific attributes
Profile buffer selective access – Support reading buffer till current time and to read covering gaps in previous reading
Image transfer verification result – reading Image transfer status attribute rather than based on Image verify action response
Automatic update of HLS/Ciphering keys of Application Association after successfull Key transfer
Support to add Settable attributes & methods into group

Bug Fixes

Fixed a crash in image transfer resume feature
Resolved memory leak issue in selective access
Fixed issues in Association Window – ciphering fields gets reset
Fixed issue in Profile buffer(display as well as CSV file) with <3 capture objects
Fixed issue in processing & display of IC 15(Association LN) Attribute 5(xDLMS context Info) when “ciphering_info” is present