ASE Kalkitech MarCom June 26, 2022

ASE will participate in IEC61850 Interoperability Testing in July conducted by UCA in Italy

Our experts will be participating in the Face to Face IOP to test our latest features with the other vendor solutions and address any inter-operability and usability issues. We will be participating with our ASE61850-TS-B IEC 61850 Test Set with support for process bus and analyzer capabilities and our ASE61850-SCLM, SCL Manager SCT software. 

ASE a Kalkitech Company, is a leading manufacturer of Remote Terminal Unit / Intelligent Electronic Device protocol test equipment. ASE's substation protocol test sets supports more than 80+ protocols Including IEC 104, DNP3, IEC 101 and IEEE 2030.5. ASE61850 SUITE, the market leading IEC 61850 Software consists of ASE61850-TS, a comprehensive IEC 61850 Protocol Test Set with support for Client, Server, SV, GOOSE and network listening and traffic analyzer, ASE61850-SCLM the IEC 61850 SCT and ASE6185-IEDS, the large scale IED simulator. ASE has hence released its Rule 21 / IEEE 2030.5 DER Gateway and Aggregator for telemetry interconnection of renewables to Utilities.