ASE2000 Exchange Mode – Advanced Features For Testing Multiple RTUs

By ASE Kalkitech MarCom Webinar Recording

In this webinar will demonstrate the use of ASE2000 Exchange Mode advanced features to script and sequence protocol exchanges.

Sequencing and scripting of protocol exchanges, help engineers and technician’s created automated, no-code sequence of operations for testing multiple RTUs.

What You Will Learn in this webinar:

– Explain in detail the ASE2000 Exchange list and sub-menu capabilities and features.
– Demonstrate creating a standard SCAN sequence with single RTU to help understand the basic working of ASE2000 Exchange.
– Demonstrate how to copy, edit, and create additional RTUs and sequence them.
– Demonstrate and explain the toolbar button operations as they relate to exchange list, to enable quick and simple way of running the test scenarios already created.

This webinar is designed for engineers and developers who are responsible for testing and validating RTUs. By the end of the webinar, you will have a good understanding of how to use Exchanges to script simulation and tests in ASE2000 Testset.