Commissioning testing of RTUs using DNP3 and ASE2000

By ASE Kalkitech MarCom Webinar Recording

Commissioning Testing of RTUs using ASE2000

This webinar will demonstrate standard testing used for RTU commissioning and or bench-test validation of RTU functionality using ASE2000 and DNP3. The following topics will be covered:

Overview of session windows, toolbars, and tasks available in Task mode.
Creation of an RTU configuration, including the addition of AI/DI/Counters/Output Status points.
Discussion of the point list import capability for larger point lists.
Launch of the RTU simulation, including the simulation of point values and the use of the increment field to generate events.
Scanning of the RTU and the issuing of controls from the Master.
Validation of control status and input status in the Point List view.
Demonstration of input mapping in the absence of a controlled device, for safe testing purposes.
Demonstration of session message capture, event log, and rolling logs.

Participants will learn how to use standard testing procedures to ensure the functionality of RTUs. They will also learn how to use the point list import capability, the RTU simulation, and the input mapping feature.