Enabling digital transformation of legacy substation devices

By ASE Webinar Recording

This webinar will give an overview of how the digital transformation of legacy substation equipment can be achieved using ASE’s SPT hardware and software products. SPT enables Serial to IP as well as Leased Line to IP network migration. The webinar covers topics including how legacy bit-oriented device life can be extended by transforming legacy data into current day protocols like DNP3. SPT protocol translator supports 40+ legacy RTU protocols including bit and byte protocols and enables their conversion to DNP3, Modbus, and IEC TCP/IP protocols. SPT is available as hardware gateways that support bit protocols, byte protocols, and TCP/IP as well as a Software Gateway for Windows. SPTSRV supports enhanced security capabilities whereby all unwanted ports can be disabled and firmware and configuration updates if required can be limited through serial ports alone. SPT is available with embedded windows and Linux operating systems.