All you need to know about BNET [Demo – Config, Test, Simulate]

By Midhun Subramanian Webinar Recording

In this webinar we will demonstrate the new BNET hardware accessory that enables process bus simulations and monitoring of Sampled Value streams in the substation.

This webinar will take attendees through:
* Engineering of SMV in the station SCD
* Load the SCD into the ASE61850 Test Set
* Load SMV control blocks to the Publisher pane and Subscriber pane
* Simulate RMS values, Phase angles, and watch the Subscriber pick up events
* Simulate negative cases like Missed packets and introduced delays

This webinar is designed for engineers and developers who are responsible for testing and validating IEDs like RTUs, as well as Merging Units and Switch Controllers. By the end of the webinar, you will have a good understanding of how to simulate and monitor Sampled Values.

Showcase product: BNET – a portable device that facilitates on-the-go monitoring and analysis of substation data.