ASE DLMS Meter Explorer

ASE DLMS Meter Explorer – Meter Testing Tool

SYNC_6500_series-300x169Our Meter Explorer is a Windows based DLMS/ COSEM Metering Testing tool with DLMS Client driver as well as OPC access (v3.0) server interface. Meter Explorer is the ideal tool for advanced DLMS meter testing and has been used by the leading meter manufacturers as an in-house test tool, before formal certification process.

Meter Explorer consists of DLMS client driver as well as OPC server driver. DLMS client driver is a binary version of our popular DLMS/ COSEM Source Code Library (DLMS SCL) with the latest features. On the OPC side, the product conforms to the latest version of OPC (V3.0), supporting intuitive features like structured/ flat browsing hierarchies, configurable grouping of data for different scan rates, demand-scanning.

The key features are: 

  • Compliant to latest version (3.0) of OPC
  • Supports structured and flat OPC browsing
  • Configurable groups
  • Demand scan
  • Periodic scan
  • Refresh on startup
  • OPC Write.

Physical channel supported are:

  • Direct HDLC (RS232/ RS485/ Optical)
  • IEC 62056-21 Mode E (RS232/ Optical)
  • TCP/ IP and UDP/ IP
  • Serial over IP (HDLC over IP network)
  • PSTN modem
  • Communication Profile supported
  • 3-Layer CO HDLC profile (supports 1 Bytes/ 2 Bytes/ 4 Bytes addressing and parameter negotiation) TCPUDPIP (Internet Protocol) profile as per the new 62056-47 standard.

Examples of ASE DLMS Meter Explorer Applications:

  • Meeting requirements of meter reading, by providing out of the box connectivity to DLMS meters and devices, and SCADA systems
  • Handy tool for meter firmware developers or test engineers for development testing Front End processors
  • Application such as AMR, Parametrization software, SCADA to access DLMS meter data using the widely accepted OPC interface