RTU/SCADA & Relay/IED Test Sets, DER/Substation Protocol Gateways

Applied Systems Engineering (ASE), a Kalkitech company, offers Protocol Test Sets for all major protocols like IEC 61850, DNP3, IEC 60870-5-104, and 80+ other standard and legacy protocols. ASE also designs and develops DER Gateways, Substation Annunciators, Protocol Converters, and Bell 202 Modems. ASE’s products are used by more than 1000+ utilities worldwide.

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Training programs for utility technicians and engineers who are working to resolve critical SCADA communication issues.

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Product Engineering Services

Preferred partner for OEMs in the Energy & Utilities Industry to build, maintain, and support their products.

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IEEE2030.5 Rule 21 Solutions

IEEE 2030.50 / Rule 21 Interconnection solutions using Remote Site Gateway, Aggregator Software, DER Head End, and Consulting Services.

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