ASE2000 V1 Knowledge Base

The ASE2000 Knowledge Base is an accumulated collection of items that describe various problems and situations that have been encountered with the ASE2000 Test Set and the solutions to those problems. Click on the “Details” that best fits your situation to navigate to the full problem description and resolution.

Some of these issue resolutions have been placed with a PDF files. If you browser has PDF support, the document will open within the browser; otherwise it will download as a PDF document to your PC. The free Adobe PDF reader is available at:

Knowledge Base
ASE2000 BCOM-USB Driver InstallationBCOM-USB Drivers Installing Removing and Repairing
CIP-010 R4 Requirements ASE2000 Transient Cyber AssetCIP-010 R4 Requirements ASE2000 Transient Cyber Asset
Modbus Alternate Numeric RepresentationsModbus Alternate Numeric Representations
Modbus RTU ParityModbus RTU Parity
Monitoring Network ProtocolsMonitoring Network Protocols
RS-485 MonitoringRS-485 Monitoring
Slow to StartASE2000 V1 – Slow Starting Communication
ADO ExceptionASE2000 has a ADO Exception window pop up at startup
ASE2000 CrashesInstructions to correct crash at start-up when the ASE2000 had previously been running OK
BCOM-USBInstructions on removing the BCOM-USB drivers
Capture FilesInstructions for configuration, generation and use of capture files
Saving Monitoring and Capture Data to Text
Configuring SCAN 1 and SCAN 3 Exchanges
Configuring SCAN 1 and SCAN 3 Data PDF version with images
CommunicationBaud Rate not on pull-down list
Framing or Parity Errors with the PCMCIA card
Carrier settings: switched versus constant
Pre and Post transmission mark timings
R485 Support
RS232 DB-9 and DB-25 pinouts
Switched and Constant Carrier Notes
Configuring Conitel Scan Exchanges
Display FilteringConfiguring the ASE2000 to show only specific messages, or only to and from a specific RTU
DNP3Acceptance Test Procedures: special setup
Creating New DNP3 Exchanges
File Transfer Capability
LAN/WAN Configuration procedures
RTU simulation, class data scan responses
Source and Destination Address
EventsExplanation of the ASE2000 for event capabilities, which allow the user to declare events on detection of specific messages, of specific digital point changes, of specific analog limit violations, or on communication errors
ASE2000 Notes on Event Processing in IEC 60870
File LocationsLocation information for ASE2000 Version 1 Auxiliary files
HardwareProcedures to verify PCMCIA card operations
Procedures to install the PCMCIA drivers under Win2000 or Windows XP
Procedures to install the Sentinel or Ultra Pro Security dongle under Win2000 or Windows XP
Procedures to un-install the PCMCIA drivers from Win2000 or Windows XP
Dual Channel Modem User Guide (Bell202 and V.23)
Safenet USB SuperPro/Ultrapro not deteceted under Windows 7 (Serial number below U-3000)
Harris 5000/6000
How to configure Data Dump and Status Dump exchanges
Help SystemProblems accessing on-line help
IEC-60870-5RTU Simulation procedures for all IEC 60870-5 protocols
File Transfer messages
IEC60870-5-104 operational changes as of release 1.46
IEC 60870-5-104 setup for a master simulation (running as a control station)
IEC 60870-5-104 network setup procedures
ModbusInformation on Force Multiple Coil and Write Multiple Register Commands
Modbus TCP configuration procedures
Network ProtocolsHow to configure for use with a network protocol
Operating Network protocols in Monitor Mode
Operating Network protocols in Master Simulation and RTU Simulation Mode modes
PG&E Protocol
PG&E Protocol Configuration Notes
Point List View
Creating and configuring RTU Point information
Wisp+ and Wisp+ Extended
RTU Simulation configuration notes