ASE 61850 Client Test Set


The ASE 61850 Software Client Test Set is a Windows-based application designed to meet all your IEC 61850 testing, troubleshooting and compliance needs. With look and feel and features similar to ASE 2000, ASE61850 enable technicians to easily troubleshoot any problems in an IEC 61850 Substation.

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The ASE 61850 Client Test Set simplifies access to IEC 61850 environments and devices. It identifies IEC 61850 devices and collects GOOSE messages and report data. It also supports Controls and Dynamic Datasets.
Key Features

  • Discovery of IEDs from the network
  • Ed.2.0 SCL support
  • Collection of data via Poll, Report and GOOSE
  • Support of Dynamic Datasets and Control
  • Highlighting of recent data updates into the point list
  • View history of data changes for a variable
  • Detailed logging of all transactions for analysis

Reporting and Polling

Reporting and polling example


Controls example

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