DLMS / COSEM Protocol Training

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July 3-5, NPTL, Bangalore, India

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July 10-12, Kalkitech, Kochi, India

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ASE / Kalkitech has been at the forefront of utility industry protocol technology and standards for over 20+ years. Over the years, we have built immense knowledge and expertise in communication protocols and have built one of the most successful protocol test set products in the Utility Industry – the ASEDLMS Client Test Set (Previous known as Meter Explorer). We offer one of the most comprehensive sets of protocol libraries and tools in the world including legacy as well as more recent ones.

Our DLMS / COSEM training programs are specifically for utility and OEM technicians and engineers who are working to resolve critical meter communication issues.  The programs mix essential protocol knowledge needed to understand and find communication problems together with in-depth training on the ASEDLMS Client and Server / Simulator tools and DLMS Protocol.

We offer two options for our customers:

  • Corporate Training Program
  • Regional Training Program

  • Introduction to DLMS/COSEM – OSI layered architecture in DLMS
  • HDLC Data Link layer – Framing, Addressing, Segmentation, HDLC control types
  • COSEM Transport layer for IP networks – Wrapper header for TCP or UDP based IP networks
  • DLMS Application Layer – COSEM ACSE services, COSEM xDLMS ASE services, Authentication and transport security, Long message transfer
  • COSEM object modeling – Data storage Interface classes – Data, Register, Extended register, Demand Register
  • Introduction to ASEDLMS Test Set with hands-on sessions :
    1. Installation and license
    2. Meter configuration – HDLC and IP wrapper
    3. Configuration of Association, authentication and data transport security settings
    4. Objectlist download and other operations using Objectlist
    5. Reading data, register, extended register and demand register objects

  • Time & Event Bound control – Clock, Activity Calendar, Single Action Schedule, Script table, Limiter, Disconnect control, Register monitor
  • Profile generic objects – Buffer, Selective access, Capture objects
  • Security – Security policy, suite, titles and invocation counter, key transfer
  • Firmware upgrade – Image transfer, service and unconfirmed services
  • Data notification – Scheduled and Event triggered data notification
  • Advanced Training on ASEDLMS Test Set with hands-on sessions :
    1. Date time format, time setting to meter
    2. Authentication/Encryption key transfer, AES key wrapping
    3. Profile object read, selective access by entry/range, export profile buffer as CSV
    4. Meter configuration change – Activity Calendar, Single Action Schedule, Limiter, Disconnect control, Register monitor
    5. Simulating scheduled and event triggred Data notificaiton Push from DLMS server -> receiving and analyzing Push data in ASEDLMS Test set