DLMS / COSEM Protocol Training

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July 3-5, NPTL, Bangalore, India

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July 10-12, Kalkitech, Kochi, India

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ASE / Kalkitech has been at the forefront of utility industry protocol technology and standards for over 20+ years. Over the years, we have built immense knowledge and expertise in communication protocols and have built one of the most successful protocol test set products in the Utility Industry – the ASEDLMS Client Test Set (Previous known as Meter Explorer). We offer one of the most comprehensive sets of protocol libraries and tools in the world including legacy as well as more recent ones.

Our training programs are specifically for utility and OPEM technicians and engineers who are working to resolve critical meter communication issues. The programs mix essential protocol knowledge needed to understand and find communication problems together with in-depth training on the ASEDLMS Client and Server / Simulator tools and DLMS Protocol.

We offer two options for our customers:

  • Corporate Training Program
  • Regional Training Program

This 2-day training class is a combination of theory and practical topics to ensure students get a chance to experience and experiment what they learn. Software-based simulation of meters and meter reading applications will be used to setup the hands-on test bed. This course covers all the key concepts of DLMS.

  • Introduction to DLMS protocol and the DLMS User Association
  • Object modeling concepts employed in DLMS – Interface classes and objects
  • OBIS specification, relationship with IC
  • Messaging and transporting layer for COSEM Objects
  • Security suites used in DLMS
  • Country specific companions and certification procedures
  • Introduction to ASE DLMS Meter Explorer – simulator and test tool for testing your meters
  • Introduction to DLMS Meter Explorer simulator – a windows tool that simulates the communication interface of a DLMS meter.
  • Interpreting and analyzing a DLMS packets and frames.

Kalkitech offers two classes for students who have completed the Fundamentals of DLMS / COSEM class; both of these are one-day offerings.

Implementing DLMS

This optional class is intended for OEMs and developers planning to implement the DLMS protocol in their devices and applications and is offered to students who have completed the Fundamentals of DLMS / COSEM training class.

This course provides an overview of the DLMS protocol stack and implementation guidelines. This is a more interactive class where our experts work directly with developers to explain and discuss various practical issues of implementations and industrial best practices. Also, this session provides a detailed introduction to the Kalkitech DLMS protocol stack and implementation procedures.

DLMS Conformance Certification

This add-on class is primarily intended for test houses setting up DLMS compliance for country-specific companion standards. The program includes :

  • Case studies of companion standard and scope of test houses in testing companion standard.
  • Typical test cases to be considered for a companion standards.
  • General concerns on testing the standard.
  • Custom tool requirement for automating the tests.
  • Verification of results.