DLMS / COSEM Protocol Training

Instructor-led training classes on DLMS / COSEM protocols are designed for utility engineers, system integrators, meter and AMR/AMI equipment manufacturers, consultants, meter maintenance staff and system designers. Led by a seasoned expert, the courses include classroom and hands-on labs.

  • Fundamentals of DLMS / COSEM
    This is a 2-day class that covers the key concepts of DLMS and includes an introduction to ASE DLMS Meter Explorer
  • Advanced DLMS /COSEM
    These two classes are specifically designed for those that have completed the “Fundamentals of DLMS / COSEM” course.

Implementing DLMS
For OEMs and developers planning an implementation of the DLMS protocol in their devices and applications.

DLMS Conformance Certification
Primarily intended for test houses setting up DLMS compliance for country-specific companion standards.

To inquire about scheduling a DLMS / COSEM training class, please send email to sales@ase-systems.com and indicate the training course(s) you are interested in, request venue and dates for the class and number of participants expected.