IEC 61850 Engineering Tools

As utilities increasingly install a large number of IEDs for monitoring and protection, IEC 61850 engineering tools facilitate seamless communication between different IEDs and customer specific devices to achieve interoperability.  The IED configuration tool framework is used to develop OEM specific configuration tool and is specific for an IED/family of IEDs. The IED configuration tool framework helps OEMs customize to specific device parameters.

Substation Configuration Language (SCL) is a language used for configuring electrical substation devices. The IED Capability Description (ICD) file describes the capability of an IED and is supplied by the manufacturer to allow complete system configuration. The file contains a single IED section, an optional communication section and an optional substation part, which denotes the physical entities corresponding to the IED.

  • Adapts to customer specific UI formats
  • Offers user access control and audit trail support
  • Supports protocol configuration for
    • IEC 61850
      • IEC 61850 Server
      • IEC 61850 Client
      • Goose Publisher/Subscriber
      • SMV Publisher/subscriber
      • 90-5
    • IEC 60870 based protocols like IEC 101, 104, 103 etc
    • DNP3
    • Proprietary protocols
  • Supports standard development platforms like .Net, VC++, and Java

The key offerings delivered using this framework include:

  • Standard interfaces to upload/download configuration file
  • Support configuration management and revision management
  • Easy integration to customer application