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Campbell, California USA – January 24, 2019 – Kalkitech and ASE, market leaders in products and services that simplify secure field data collection, protocol translation, protocol testing and digital transformation for utilities, announced its participation in Distributech 2019. The company will have live demonstration in Kalkitech booth #727.

Distributech is the largest smart grid conference and expo held annually in the United States. Last year, it was host to over 11,000 attendees from countries around the world. The 2019 conference is being held in New Orleans, Louisiana, Feburary 5-7. The event covers a wide range of topics including grid automation and control systems demand response, transmission and distribution system operation and reliability.

The demonstrations to be featured in Kalkitech’s booth #727 are:

Edge Gateways– SYNCConnect is software designed for edge gateway hardware vendors to easily embed into their product, accelerating time to market with support for a wide range of protocols. It simplifies the collection, aggregation and protocol conversion of field device data from many vendors using a wide range of common utility protocols.

Kalkitech will also have a kiosk in Intel’s booth #3018 showcasing our development collaboration solution for an IoT edge gateway. The gateway combines Intel’s Atom-based platform for grid digitization and Kalkitech’s SYNCConnect edge protocol gateway software. The solution offers a robust and flexible foundation for a range of applications such as decentralized fault location, isolation and restoration; Volt/VAR control and optimization; predictive analytics; distributed energy resource integration with distribution feeders; and more. SYNCConnect supports an extensive list of utility protocols and secure communication with field devices.

Secure Substation Gateways – SYNC 2000 SYNC 3000 Secure Substation Gateways combine a robust multi-protocol gateway and NERC CIP security features into a single cost effective device ideal for substation automation and gateway applications.

Centralized, Automated Fault File Collection– Kalkitech’s solution automates the collection of the data automatically from multiple vendors’ relays and converts it into a common standard format before forwarding it to a central server, accelerating fault analysis.

ASE Tools – PC-based tools for simplifying digital substation field maintenance. Kalkitech will showcase the ASE2000 protocol test set, which supports +80 utility protocols; ASE 61850 Suite of products that streamline IEC 61850 engineering and troubleshooting; and DLMS smart meter test tools.

Kalkitech Presentation

Don’t miss our customer case study presentation: “Utility-wide Substation Automation Using IEC 61850” on Thursday at 10:30am, room 288-290.

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About Kalkitech

Kalkitech is a global leader in development and delivery of vendor agnostic products and services that securely bridge the data communications gap between legacy and intelligent power utility field devices and head-end systems.  By transforming and accelerating accessibility to real-time data and analytics, our solutions help utilities improve system reliability and operational efficiencies while extending the life of legacy SCADA systems.

About Applied Systems Engineering (ASE)

ASE is a utility protocol technology leader and manufacturer of protocol test equipment for SCADA systems. The company has developed technology for more than 100 substation and industrial protocols over a 30-year period. Other product offerings include communication protocol translators, front-end processors, substation alarm annunciators, terminal servers, modems, and source code libraries.  Based in Campbell, California, the company was acquired by Kalkitech and is now the U.S. headquarters for the company.

For more information about Kalkitech/ASE products and services, visit our website at www.kalkitech.com.  Please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn; check out our videos on YouTube to learn more.

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