SYNC Protocol Gateway Concept and Overview

The following video content describes Gateway Protocol Operation. Concepts like Channel, Node, Data Mapping related to SYNC Protocol Gateways are explained. Also a brief example of data mapping configuration between a Modbus slave device and a DNP Master application is shown.

How to convert DNP to IEC61850 on a SYNC3000 Data Concentrator

The video provides a step-by-step overview on how to configure DNP to IEC61850 protocol conversion on a SYNC 3000 (approach can be applied to any SYNC device) using the EasyConnect configuration tool. The protocol mapping from DNP3 TCP master and IEC61850 Server are also reviewed.



How to Setup EasyConnect V6.1.0

This video focuses on how to setup EasyConnect Version 6.1.0. EasyConnect is a configuration tool that is an integral part of SYNC products. It includes license installation; reviews configuring a new device; and provides an overview of basic EasyConnect features including firmware updates, firmware stop/start, configuration upload/download, viewing of software version, and protocol configuration. This video also demonstrates how to connect a SYNC 3000 device using EasyConnect for configuration and diagnostics.

How to configure a IEC61850 Server using Data Concentrator Wizard (EasyConnect)

This video provides an overview on how to configure a SYNC device (applies to SYNC 2000, SYNC 3000 and SYNC 4000) using the EasyConnect configuration tool. SyncConnect automatically maps data points from multiple IEC61850 clients to a IEC61850 server reducing overall engineering time for setup. It also auto creates IEC61850 server ICD files deriving it from the substation SCD file.