ASE is a leader in providing solutions for moving device data securely from the field to the SCADA Control Center


SYNC 4000

Control Center level Data Concentrators that can be used for a variety of high performance and heavy data applications.

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SYNC 200

IED Upgrade Card for PLCs, RTUs Alarm Annunciators, Industrial Ethernet Switches etc.

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ASE2000 Version 2

A fully-featured, powerful and flexible tool for testing and maintaining SCADA RTU and SCADA IED equipment and diagnosing communication problems.

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SYNC 2000

Protocol gateways and substation rugged converters that complies with IEC61850-3 and KEMA standards.

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Substation Alarm Manager (SAM) is an Annunciation and Data Viewer that provides Power Utilities with a simple way to show the current status and data within a substation.

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Terminal Server

BCOM-TSRV – ASE Terminal Server is a multi-channel Terminal Server that supports both bit and byte protocols, and supports legacy bit protocols such as Conitel, CDC, etc.

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SYNC 2100

SYNC 2100 series are compact RTUs with high performance attributes combining IO support, advanced PLC function support and wide range of protocols.

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SPT Product Line

SCADA Protocol Translator (SPT) package available in multiple formats, depending upon the Application: SPT-ARM, SPT-PC and the original SPT4-Net.

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Designed to operate over the leased line communication circuits commonly used in the electrical power and pipeline SCADA industries.

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SYNC 3000

High Performance, secure and rugged Data Concentrator and PDC for Smart Grids

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Applied Systems Engineering Protocols

DNP 3.0, IEC 60870-5-101 , 60870-5-103 and 60870-5-104 protocols are implemented on all of the ASE platforms. Legacy protocols include Telegyr 8979, Conitel Series, Tejas Series, Harris 5000 protocols, RP570, SPABUS, CDC series.